Ingredients: Cloves

Zanzibar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Madagaskar, Comoros

About the Product:

Cloves are the unopened flower buds of a small evergreen 50 ft tree, native to 'Moluccas' or 'spice lands'. It is the buds that are harvested and dried in the sun. Pakistan & India , Indonesia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Grenada are the main producers of this spice. Cloves have a unique unparalleled taste which is strong yet at the same time pleasing, burning yet at the same time numbing, Used in savory foods and at times in sweets. Cloves impart a wonderful mouthwatering aroma in foods. Essential to Pakistan & India n Garam Masala, Pakistan & India n meat dishes, Pulaos and added to many Indian Curries.

Cloves Turmeric Ground or Haldi
Ginger Black Pepper (Whole)