Red- Kidney Beans  
Ingredients: Red kidney beans

Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Canada, Australia, USA, Ethiopia, Tanzania, China, UK, Argentina, Turkey & Egypt

About the Product:

Large, kidney-shaped bean; deep reddish-brown. Robust, full-bodied flavor and soft texture. Kidney beans are immediately recognizable as the glossy maroon bean with the slightly curved, kidney-like shape. Longer than most beans, kidney beans are among the most popular beans in the United States. Extremely nutritious, this bean comes in various shades of pink to dark red. Season the beans with ginger and cumin, since these spices help facilitate easier digestion of these otherwise heavy beans. The beans are chewy, and have a nutty, sweet taste. They can take a long while to cook. They figure prominently in Northern Pakistan,, Mexican, Brazilian and Chinese cuisine.

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