Moong Dal (Lentils)Chilka  
Ingredients: Moong Dal (Lentils) Chilka
About the Product:

This dal is split moong beans with the skin left on. It makes excellent soup and is a very tasty dal/lentil.  These split mung beans are extremely easy to cook, need no soaking and are easy to digest.

Western countries and Americans are discovering the joy of dishes that are bean and lentil based. As we in America discover ethnic foods we are discovering foods, dishes and meals that are other than meat centered but have the same level of flavor, textures and satisfaction but without the cholesterol. The variety of foods on this planet is astonishing and a joy to discover. Spices, herbs and other flavorings such as mustard seeds, onions, asafetida, epazote and ginger are important for the enjoyment of beans and lentils.

Legumes play an important role in Pakistan & India  highly evolved vegetarian cuisine. Moong dal is one of the most easy to cook and easy to digest of the lentils and bean family. It is very popular in Pakistan & India where it is used both for formal entertaining as well as everyday cooking. It is also the preferred dal when one is experiencing digestion problems as it is very gentle on the stomach.

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