Moong Dal (Beans) Whole  
Ingredients: Moong Dal Whole
About the Product:

Whole moong bean is known as 'sabat moong' . Whole moong dal are small yellowish green beans fairly used in Pakistan ,India , China, Thailand and Japan. Sprouted they are used in salads or stir fries with lemon juice or vinaigrette. In  Pakistan , Moong dal (Whole or split) is used to make delicious dals and curries. The dal may be cooked with a variety of spices and other vegetables. Moong dal in particular is very easy to digest. Dals take on seasonings and spices very well. Dal is a very comforting food just like chicken soup. In Malaysia a sweet porridge served warm has mung beans as its base, then palm sugar and coconut milk are added. In Sri Lanka, mung beans are roasted and ground, mixed with palm sugar, spread out thinly and cut into squares or diamond shapes. Thin slabs of it are dipped in rice flour batter and fried to make 'mung kavum', a favourite sweet snack. The starch from mung beans is used to make bean thread noodles, cellophane noodles and spring rain noodles.

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